Welcome to 'The Satara District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd.'

THE SATARA DISTRICT CENTRAL CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD.(DCCB), SATARA" being the economic power house of the Satara District; we always engaged in the work of the socio economic upliftment of the farmers since 1950.

The Satara district has historical background. The district had been very active in the freedom struggle; a number of individuals were involved in the freedom movement. Thereafter some leaders initiated their struggle to achieve ECONOMIC FREEDOM for the rural /ordinary people in the district, enabling them to achieve over all development. Today, it has emerged as a leading name in Co -operative banking.

Highlights of the Bank :

  • The Bank has achieved ISO 9001:2015 Certificate by giving better services to customers and by making continuous up-gradation in customer service to satisfy them.
  • Bank is having 307 Branches and 12 Extension counters along with 10 Divisional Offices (as on 31st March 2023).
  • The Bank has launched innovative deposit schemes offering attractive interest rates as compared with other banks in the market. The maximum 7.25% rate of interest is offered for fixed deposit. One percent more rate of interest is given than normal fixed deposit rate for senior citizens. The existing interest rate on savings deposit is 3.00% and interest is calculated on daily basis.
  • Account opening facility for the students for purpose of scholarship.
  • Bank provides the over draft facility to Government salary earner employees as like primary / high school teachers.
  • Bank has been awarded by NABARD's "Best Performance Award" continuously for last six years. Moreover, bank has won Maharashtra State co-op Banks Association's first prize as a "Best District Central Co-operative Bank", for the last ten years. Recently bank has honoured for the "Best Overall Performance" for the year 2013-14 by NAFSCOB.
  • New IFSC Codes
  • A Booklet on Modus Operandi of Financial Fraudsters
  • Loan Application
    _____ ___ The Satara District Central Co-op. Bank Ltd. is registered with DICGC