काही संस्था@वेबसाईट अशी जाहिरात करीत आहेत की सातारा जि-म-सह- बँकेत लेखनिक@शिपाई यांच्या रिक्त पदांसाठी भरती आहे- मात्र हे खरे नसून सध्या बँकेने अशी कोणतीही जाहिरात प्रसिध्द केलेली नाही- तरी सर्वांना विनंती आहे की कोणत्याही प्रकारच्या भरती साठी फक्त बँकेच्या अधिकृत वेबसाईट वरील अधिसूचना@जाहिरात च ग्राह्य धरण्यात याव्यात-

Profile of the Chairman :

Name : Shrimant Chhatrapati Shivendrasinhraje Aabhaysinhraje Bhosale
Address : “Suruchi Bungalow” 118, Shukravar Peth, Satara
Contact No. :
Office : (02162) 227631
Residence : (02162) 282234
Fax No. :
Office : (02162) 227642
Bright Dynasty Tradition: : He is always engaged for upliftment of farmers through adoption of new technology in farming as well as constantly follows-up for implementation of schemes. He is maintaining great tradition of Royal family of Satara. Always struggle for general development of Satara City and Taluaka. Strive efforts to solve the problems of poor, needy people and downtrodden.
Formation of “Mavala Pratishthan”: : His hobby is to gather the youth and utilize the youth power for social work. By inspiring, establish the “Mavala Pratishtan” for youth in November 2000, to support and introduce so many initiatives for them. He is a President of “Mavala Pratishtan” since formation.
Responsibilities: :
  • Guide : Ajinkyatara Co-operative Sugar Factory Ltd., Shendre
  • Guide : Ajinkyatara Co-operative Cotton Mill Ltd., Valase
  • Chairman & Founder: Ajinkyatara Co-operative Bank Ltd., Satara
  • Chairman : The Satara District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd., Satara – Since 2015
  • Director : The Satara District Central Bank Ltd., Satara – Since 2004
  • Chairman : Late Abhaysinhraje Bhosale Sanskrutik Pratishthan.
  • Chairman : Satara District Body Building Group.
  • Chairman : Satara District Rifle Association.
  • President : Mavala Pratishthan
Important Role in continuing the Successful tradition of Sugar factory: : Ajinkya Co-operative Sugar Factory was established by the vision of Late Shrimant Chhatrapati Abhaysinhraje Bhosale for the sugarcane growers in the Satara Taluka and nearby villages. Also the establishment of Sugar Factory has created employment opportunities for unemployed youth. In May 1994, Shrimant Chhatrapati Shivendrasinhraje Abhaysinhraje Bhosale has become the Chairman of the factory and continued the successful tradition. Also makes the changes as per the changing scenario and adopt the Hi-technology to maintain the quantity as well as quality of the produce. Successfully completed the crushing season form 1983-84 to 2014-15 The sugar factory has always achieved higher efficiency during every crushing season by adopting improved technology. This effort has resulted in securing 21 National and State level awards for the Sugar Factory.
Establishment of Ajinkyatara Udyog Samuh : Ajinkya tara Udyog Samuh tried to provide the proper rate to the sugarcane and other agri produce. Make the efforts to develop the Agri Industry in the district. In the district, many cooperatives societies are working under Ajinkya tara Udyog Samuh. Main of these as under:
  • Lift Irrigation Schemes – 18 Lift Irrigation Schemes are successfully working in the Satara Taluka.
  • Ajinkyatara Cotton Mill – Establishment of Ajinkyatara Cotton Mill to motivate the farmers to cultivate the Cotton Crop.
  • Ajinkyatara Cooperative Agriculture Industrial Sugarcane Harvesting & Transporting Society Ltd., Shendre – Main purpose of establishment of this society is to help the Sugarcane Growers for harvesting and transportation.
  • Ajinkyatara Fruits – Flowers and Vegetables Purchasing & Marketing Co-operative Society Ltd.- This is a hi-technology adopted Cooperative Society in agri produce. The society has motivated many farmers in the district to grow cut flowers like Gerbera, Carnation, anthurium, Dutch Roses and Capsicum in Green Houses. The society has played major role in providing marketing facility for cut flowers in Metro Cities of India. This activity of the society has helped farmers to get better and higher prices for their production.
  • Ajinkyatara Mahila Sahakari Bank Ltd., Satara – Main purpose of establishment of this bank is to make available the employment and self employment opportunities to women to strengthen and include them in banking flow. Also easily make available the financial assistance to needy and poor people to improve their financial position and development. Bank is progressing rapidly with its four branches.
Other major Social Activities: :
  • Implementation of improved drinking water scheme to solve the drinking water problem in Satara Taluka.
  • Get the sanction from Govt. for the proposal to increase the height of Kas Dam.
  • Make available the funds from Government for the contruction and repairing of Roads.
  • Renovation of “Shahu Kala Mandeer” to increase the prosperity of Satara City and to make encourage and comfort the jovial audience.
  • Construction of “Shivaji Museum” to keep historical things and documents of great leader Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
  • Get the sanction for two Power Houses at Sadarbazar and Jakatvadi to provide continuous electricity to Satara City.
  • Makes available the funds from Govt. to fulfill the basic need like Road, Drinking Water, Electricity, Education, Health in Satara and Jaoli Taluka.
  • Make follow-up to Government to fulfill the demands of Urmodi Dam Project affected people. Also get sanction for Canal and Lift Irrigation Schemes for those suffered farmers.
  • Continuous follow-up to Government to fulfill the demands and to solve the rehabilitation problem of Mahu-Hatgeghar Dam Project affected people
Political Work and Career: : His kind nature engaged him in all time social work as well he is interested in political work from School life. His sensitiveness, cooperative nature and soft language create intimate relation with youth.
  • MLA in October 2004 from Satara constituency – elected by majority voting.
  • MLA in October 2009 from Satara and Jaoli constituency - elected by second majority voting in entire Maharashtra.
  • MLA in October 2014 from Satara and Jaoli constituency - elected with 47816 voting difference.
  • Public trust on him because of his devoted work.
Role in The Satara District Central Co-operative Bank Ltd., Satara: :
  • Director from 2004
  • Chairman from May 2015
    • Active participation in Board of Director and sub committee meetings.
    • Participation in discussion on recent changing reforms and issues regarding co-operative banking sectors.
    • Take stand to implement CBS in banking to provide better and fast service to customers.
    • Participation in formation of proper policies as per the need of customer.
    • Adoption of Hi-Tech Technology in Agriculture, Growth in production and difficulties before Agi. product process